What is a Content Management System?

What is a Content Management System

A Content Management System or CMS is a software package specifically designed to manage a website, content publishing, internal processes and workflows.

First off, it provides a simple, non-technical way of updating website content (such as "web pages", or articles). This is done via a web-based interface - Just type in the new words, click save and your site is updated instantly.

Adding new pages is easy, as is editing pages, revision control or deleting old articles. Even restructuring your site to suit your new business model.

The CMS offers administrative tools to automate and delegate menial tasks, allowing you to concentrate on your business and content - not on the technology.

What is "Content"

Content is a very general term. Content could be virtually any form of digital content or information such as; webpages, articles, news items, images, pictures, names & addresses, listed items (online stores, real estate, classified ads ...) for example.

There are endless uses and types of content, but it all needs to be stored and managed. This is where a robust CMS comes in.

Efficient Content Management is Essential Within An Organization

For example, when the PR department needs to get a press release on the Website, there are often numerous steps to go through:
  1. Write a Press Release and get it approved
  2. Send the release out on the PR wire
  3. Send the release to the Web group
  4. The Web group converts the release to HTML to put on the Website
  5. Larger companies may have a staging server where Web documents sit until they are pushed live
  6. If a press release has sensitive information, it may need to be sent to the wire before it can't be released to the Web group, but upper management needs it on the Website immediately

This type of situation causes unnecessary stress for Management, Web group and the PR Team. It would be much easier if the PR team could post the release to the Website at the same time that they post it to the wire services. But, what if PR doesn't know HTML, or doesn't have access to the Web site. This is where a content management system comes into play.

A StickyTouch Content Management Solution can automate these processes and allow you to delegate tasks to the appropriate persons within the organization efficiently and effectively.

Contact us today to discuss an appropriate CMS Solution that is right for you.

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