The StickyTouch Process

Website Presence Development Process

The website development process can seem like a daunting task.

Where to start?
What to do?
How to do it?

In reality, the process can be a very simple & straightforward.

Below is an outline of the web presence development process.

Initial project analysis

Before we can begin, we need to fully understand your business, your goals, and your customers. To do this we have a simple Initial Project Questionnaire that will help us in understanding the goals & requirements of your web presence.

Clarify Requirements

After reviewing your Project Questionnaire we'll email you a Project Clarification document to ensure that we understand your goals and requirements. This will provide you an opportunity to clarify any questions or requirements you may have, or provide additional information to solidify the project specifications.

Development Proposal

A Development Proposal is emailed for your approval. This proposal includes the complete project plan and outlines the processes required to develop your website presence, along with a timeline and price quotation.


After approval of the Development Proposal, we'll send you a contract and begin your project upon receiving the initial deposit amount.

Content Collection

We will ask that you organize and send all of the content required for the website. Content includes any color schemes, logos, corporate guidelines, text for all pages, graphics, photography, detailed contact information. Content will need to be immediately available during the development stage so it is important that the content is complete, correct and checked for grammatical, spelling and typographical errors.


We'll convert your approved design into XHTML format. Depending on your requirements this file can remain as a static web page or integrated with a content management system (CMS) so that you can make your own updates to the site contents. You'll soon be able to view the design as an actual web page and check the functionality of the navigation links. We'll continue adding the remaining pages of your website until all pages have been completed according to the project specifications.

Final Evaluation, Testing & Assessment

Before the project can be completed we need to run a series of tests and assessments to ensure that site is ready to launch. We will also ask you to evaluate the project in a non-public place online so you can see and test the fully functional website.

Project Launch

When the project has been given final approval by the client it can be launched live to the public.

Ready to start?

Simply fill out our Project Questionnaire, we'll get back to you on Project Clarification.

Let's get your project started!

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