Social Networking

Today there’s no denying that power has shifted to the consumer. You’ve heard this message amplified through blogs, articles, books, and events. "User-generated content", "word of mouth", "Web 2.0", and "social networking".

The fundamental elements of a Social Network:

  • A simple and straight forward means of collaboration
  • Sticky, engaging content authored by users or experts
  • Powerful facilities for browsing and searching both central content and contributed content
  • Means of delegation of moderation
  • Means of identifying members who are imposing an undue burden on the community and ways of changing their behavior and/or excluding them from the community without them realizing it

The StickyTouch Social Networking platform is a robust, full featured social networking and community solution. Combining Feature Rich Profile Pages (User Blogs, Photo Albums, Friends List, Bios, Articles, Stories, News, Forums, Comments and more) with Community Galleries, Community Calendar, Message Forums, Private Messaging, XML/RSS Subscriptions, Mobile Alerts. Mobile Upload, and Moderation Tools.

The StickyTouch Social Center is built on a proven community platform, in use for several years across hundreds of leading brands. The platform is modular and extensible, enabling you to select the particular mix of features you want to deploy in your community.

StickyTouch Social Center powered websites engage users and customers enabling them to collaborate online, get advice from trusted individuals, or research and purchase products online.

The result is improved brand loyalty, increased conversion & ROI, and new insights into user & consumer behavior.

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